Text The Romance Back: What Is New In TRB 2.0?

Text The Romance Back by Michael Fiore was created in 2010 and later released to the Clickbank marketplace in March of 2011. However, after selling thousands of copies worldwide, feedback from readers led Michael Fiore to add even more content and expand the current version of Text The Romance Back into something much more robust.

In October 2011, TRB 2.0 was born.

In this part of my Text The Romance Back review, I’ll take a closer look at the changes made in Text The Romance Back version 2.0.

Why Make Changes To Text The Romance Back In The First Place?

The first release of Text The Romance Back has helped thousands of couples worldwide bring romance back to their relationships through the power of tiny text messages, imagery, and language. Despite seeing huge success and getting tons of positive reviews from its readers, TRB 1.0 was lacking in some key areas.

The biggest drawback to version 1.0 of Text The Romance Back was the fact it was mostly written for people who were “taken”. In other words, it was written mostly for boyfriend-girlfriend couples and people who were married.

But what about all those single people out there?

Could the right text messages help these people create attraction with an intriguing man or an amazing new woman they had just met? Michael believed they could.

So he set out to create even more red hot material that could appeal to both single men and women as well as couples. “Text dating” and “text flirting” would never be the same.

Text The Romance Back Review – New Features Added To Text The Romance Back 2.0

Text The Romance Back 2.0 expands on the concepts laid out in version 1.0 and adds entirely new material to help you send shivers down your significant other’s spine. Here’s what’s new in TRB 2.0.

  • Dozens of testimonials from people who have used Text The Romance Back to improve their love lives. Results are what truly matter and it’s evident Michael Fiore’s program has helped many people renew the passion and intimacy in their relationships.
  • The addition of many more “done-for-you” texts. Michael lays out the best of the best so you can just copy and send to get results immediately.
  • “Bait questions” you can send to your significant other that create so much interest and curiosity they are virtually impossible not to respond to. For anyone who has a difficult time opening up the lines of communication, these will be a big help.
  • The addition of what Michael refers to as the “Text The Romance Back Crib Sheet”. This is like a cheat sheet containing all the texts from the program in one place so they are always easily accessible whenever you need them.
  • Totally new sections on “text dating” and “text flirting” aimed at helping single readers attract any man or woman who interests them.

The program continues to evolve and expand as Michael is dedicated to making Text The Romance Back the most comprehensive texting manual of its kind.

In the next part of my Text The Romance Back review, I’ll break down the program and give you a sneak peek inside so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

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