Michael Fiore Text The Romance Back Review: A Program Walkthrough

In the last post of this Text The Romance Back review, I started to give you an inside look into Michael Fiore’s texting program. I discussed how the manual starts with 40 testimonials from people who have successfully used the program to improve and strengthen their relationships. I pointed out how I was most interested by the fact the program seems to work for a wide variety of people in a wide variety of situations.

Today, I will continue with my sneak peek inside the program and provide you with a walkthrough of what Michael Fiore offers in Text The Romance Back.

Text The Romance Back Review Walkthrough

If you’d like to follow along, I recommend you grab a copy of the Text The Romance Back table of contents here. I’ll discuss briefly what you can expect from each section of the program.

Introduction To Text The Romance Back 2.0

In this section Michael Fiore discusses how the updated version of Text The Romance Back came about and how his appearance on the Rachel Ray Show led to feedback from thousands of customers who provided the groundwork for the expanded version.

Oh, and his favorite part about being on the Rachel Ray show had nothing to do with being on camera. Instead, it had everything to do with a security guard. Awesome.


Here you are reminded that the program is not a magic bullet, but rather real tips and techniques that do work, but only if you use them in the right way. Michael makes a recommendation to follow the program to a “T” for 30 days if you’re passionate about improving your relationship. However, he also offers flexibility because he realizes every situation, including yours, is unique and you know your own relationship best.

Who This Program Is For And Who This Program Is Not For

In this part of the Text The Romance Back manual, Michael explains who the program is for and lists off many types of people who have been successful with the program. In Michael’s words…

Basically, this course is for you if you care about your relationship, fundamentally like your partner and want to create a foundation that lasts for years and years to come.

He also points out who the program is not for such as those who are abusive or who wish to change their partners.

Why Texting Is The Magic Key

One of the biggest questions you probably have if you’re considering trying Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back program is, “Why texting? Do text messages really work?”

In this section of the program, Michael explains exactly why texting is so powerful and how it can be the key to your partner’s romantic mind. This section should help remove any doubts you might have about using simple text messages to spark the romance in your relationship. You’ll also learn 4 key reasons texting is awesome and how you can still use the program even if your partner doesn’t text.

Core Concepts

This is the last section of Part 1 of the Text The Romance Back program where Michael reveals his 6 core relationship concepts. These are the mental ideas you’ll need to keep in mind BEFORE you start texting your partner. He explains how romance means different things to men and women and how each sex should approach texting to get the most out of their relationship.

In this section, you’ll also find an “I Like Myself” game which can be truly eye-opening and will change the way you view yourself and your relationship.

By now, it’s probably clear Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back is much more than a collection of simple text messages. But we’re only just getting started.

In the next part of this Text The Romance Back review, I’ll continue with a walkthrough of the Text The Romance Back manual and will discuss Part 2 where Michael outlines his 30 day program step by step.

I really love this part, and I think you will too.

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